Credit Card Transaction System

The Credit Card Transaction System allows an individual to make totally secure online purchases in less than one second without sending their credit card information to the merchant and without sending any private financial information over the Internet.

The CCTS process does not involve any other additional steps than the current process of buying a product from an internet merchant. Our CCTS process replaces a step used today by merchant web sites in which the user must enter his/her account information to be stored on the merchant server. Through our process, Instead of storing the financial information on an unknown merchant's server, it can be stored safely and securely on the user's private machine and protected with that user's fingerprint. What better way to protect a user's financial information than by keeping it local to their computer as well as encrypting it with our patent-pending process based on the user's biometric identifier, which is unique to every human in the world.

The only additional step for the clearinghouse computers of today in the CCTS process is accepting the encrypted data containing the user's identification which will be sent via TSI's software. The image below give a graphic presentation to how this entire process works and what is involved in the situation.



The Credit Card Transaction System requires a collaboration between the merchant and clearinghouse company. Touchsafe International is currently seeking potential partners for further implementation of our product. We are currently developing a demonstration model of our CCTS product. If you are interested in contacting us about the CCTS product or any other products, please visit our Contact Us page or click here to email John Cockerham.


Please visit this page in the future for possible changes as this product is further developed.