For Your Eyes Only (FYIO) Personal Version for Outlook

NOTE: BETA TESTERS Click here to visit the download page for the FYIO Beta Version.

For Your Eyes Only is our flagship product and works seamlessly with Microsoft's Outlook 2000/XP/2003 email software. FYIO restricts access to encrypted emails sent/received through Outlook using a fingerprint scanner developed by Digital Persona.

How it works?

For Your Eyes Only (FYIO) allows you to send/receive biometric identified and encrypted emails using Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003. The first step is to register your fingerprint on your PC using FYIO's registration program. This takes about one minute and never has to be done again. In a multi-user environment, you may add/delete additional users and privileges. After registration, you use Outlook the same as before but to send an encrypted FYIO email, click on the "FYIO" button on the menu bar.

After clicking on the "FYIO" button, a screen appears instructing you to touch the scanner to send the email similar to the menu to the right. The "Regular Security" option means that the message will be sent requiring the recipient to use their fingerprint to open the email. After opening the email the first time, the email is saved on their computer decrypted and the recipient will no longer need to use their fingerprint to view the email in the future. The "High Security" option will cause the recipient of your email to store your message encrypted and prevents your message from being edited or forwarded. The recipient also must use their fingerprint each time they wish to open the email. Another option, "Read Only Once", causes your message to be deleted immediately after it is viewed by the recipient, as well as keeping the message secure by not allowing it to be replied or forwarded.

Send mail menu


The recipient of the encrypted email will be notified through a tag on the subject line of the email as to what security the sender used to send the email. The email is then decrypted and viewed according to what security was used.

Demonstration of how FYIO physically looks

Touchsafe has developed the For Your Eyes Only biometric email product on modular-based code which allows full customization of almost all of its features depending on the any company's or individual's requirements. Not only have we fully developed a personal version for the general public, but we are in full-scale development of a corporate version of For Your Eyes Only for use in a corporate LAN environment, such as on an exchange server. Touchsafe is also in position to develop FYIO to meet your company's secure email needs. Please scroll down to see the contact information if interested.

What's required?

For Your Eyes Only (FYIO) is developed with the latest technology and requires:

  •  The operating systems Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003
  •  Microsoft's Outlook 2000/XP/2003
  •  The latest .NET Framework (free download from Microsoft)
  •  DigitalPersona's biometric fingerprint scanner (which we can provide if you do not have one.)

Why do I need it?

Current email systems that exist today use no encryption at all or use an unsecured encryption scheme that is open to the public and can allow virtually anyone to see your email. The For Your Eyes Only product protects your information from being opened or viewed just by anyone. It not only encrypts your email using our patent-pending encryption process, which actually chooses a random encryption technique based on 7 highly secure encryption schemes, but also allows you to use Microsoft Outlook without any special instructions as well as allowing you to send an email with different security options.

This product is especially needed in a corporate environment due to the security needs when sending emails over the intranet or internet about private company issues. FYIO can be used in a corporate environment with an administrator to allow different access rights and privileges among the employees and their emails throughout the company. Executives and managers can sleep easily knowing that their company emails cannot be intercepted and decrypted, possibly allowing corporate secrets.

Our newest feature addition to the For Your Eyes Only product is the information assurance handshake process. This process allows FYIO users to confirm their identity with their intended recipient by completed a simple automated process. The handshake process can be used in situtations where the sender needs to be sure of who the recipient is and vice versa based on email addresses. Not only does this fulfill a common information assurance needed in a growing e-business and e-commerce world, but the handshake process actually further encrypts your emails to where only the verified recipient can decrypt and view the message.

How can I get it?

a. Providing us your contact information (Contact Page) and we will have a sales person call you

b. Fill out order form (Order Form) with quaintly and shipping information and we will provide you a quote within 24 hours.

c. Contact licensed reseller

.............-- DP Associates, Inc., Huntsville, AL - Mr. Russ Brown, (256) 837-8300,

.............-- Cirrus Technology, Inc., Huntsville, AL - Mr. Russ Hunter, (256) 539-2241,

.............-- Mr. Scott Ashford, Montreal, Canada, (514) 892-6455

.............-- Mr. Antonio de Los Cobos, Cancun, Mexico, 044 55 5432-4628,

TouchSafe International can also customize a corporate version of FYIO to work with any company's infrastructure in order for a company to maintain a high security email environment. If you would like learn more about incorporating FYIO into your company's portfolio or become a Beta Tester of our products, please visit our Contact page or click here and fill out the registration form. We will contact you within 24 hours.

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